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The Company

Andy Sternum - CEO Andy Sternum
Chief Executive Officer

Andy has put together the best people who were still willing to work for him from vocsgrafix, and they are going to do some cool technology for the kids. A sort of social networking, on line gaming, second life, speech technology, avatar driven, internet search and online auctioning type of deal. After raising 20 million dollars for vocsgrafix in 2000 and building the company up to 40 employees at its high point you can see Andy has got the track record for doing something pretty special. Now vocsgrafix has been successfully sold for 2 million, Andy decided to invest his time and pretty special skills in a new project. Bringing Idyacy to the world.
Gunter Schweck - CTO Gunter Schweck
Chief Technical Officer

Gunter has over 10 years experience in bringing innovative ideas and technology together. Gunter has worked with Andy for several years nows and describes his working relationship as almost cordial. His main experience is in providing technical solutions that solve the problems that need solving. As well as a keen solutions man he's an expert in D+ the new coffee based solutions framework that has been kicking up such a storm in the old fashioned Java circuit. You need an application and Gunter can have it packaged into a D++ Cafe Doughnut within a week or even months.
Sandy Teetle-Owen - Chairman Sandy Teetle-Owen

Sandy joined the company as a mentor in an 'Angel' role after seeing Andy give one of his famous 'I don't know anything but I do know this' presentations! Starting up over fifty years ago with nothing but a dream and a 10 million pound inheritance he has been the man responsible behind such ideas as colour changing pyjamas and internet washing powder.
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